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Best books for JEE Main 2020 Maths

Updated: May 5, 2020

First Let me Clear you one thing that "Best book is one which will not let you go anywhere else" means the book with the detailed solution.When you have solution of every question then it will decrease your dependency on others, increase your speed, you can save time.

Arihant, MTG, Universal and ABC are some good publication they provide very good books.

Mathematics is generally considered the toughest of all subjects . Its preparation requires a lot of practice of relevant questions and deep understanding of concepts. Maths though is very scoring and if prepared well, you can score full marks, ultimately fetching you a good rank. The reference books for practising the problems of JEE Main mathematics are given here

> Objective Mathematics by R D Sharma

>Cengage publication

>Arihant Publications Books

>MTG Publication Books

>Universal Publications Books

>McGraw Hill Publication

But as i told you before consider a book with detailed solution to decrease your dependency on others and increase your productivity in less time.

For chapter wise practice paper of math with solution check the practice paper tab in menu option, for further any other doubts you can comment in the below section.

For IIT -JEE Maths video lectures visit :

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