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  • What is GYANAM Test Generator?
    GYANAM - is a offline software that facilitates users to generate question papers with the Question paper , answer key with Solution in word format. Users can generate question paper/s as per their requirement (Select number of questions with their difficulty level) such as Chapter-wise. GYANAM TEST GENERATOR - Best Question Paper Generation System approved by 50+ Institutes, commonly known as Automatic Paper Generator, Test Creator, Test Generator, Test Maker, Paper Creator for NEET, JEE-MAIN and JEE ADVANCE.
  • How can I use GYANAM Test Generator?
    The user has to register on GYANAM Test generator by using the option provided on the home page or call us at 9099002757. The help option is provided on every page for your assistance.
  • What is minimum software or system requirement to use GYANAM Test Generator?
    No specific software requirement, User should have windows based system.
  • How will I get question paper from GYANAM Test Generator?
    User needs to design question paper by selecting some basic information like Subject, Chapter, the required number of questions. Questions can be selected based on the difficulty level. Once everything is ready just click on generate question paper, your question paper will be ready in word formate.(refer the demo video for more details)
  • How many papers can I generate from GYANAM Test Generator?
    There is no limit for question paper generation, you can generate unlimited question paper from the software.
  • Can I add new question bank to GYANAM Test Generator?
    Yes, the user can add question/s at their end but there is a predefined format for question entry (basically ms word format ), for the same user need to contact GYANAM Test Generator Team and take online training. Also, questions entered by the user will be accessible to that user/institute only and to other users don't have access to this Question bank.
  • Is there any limit for generating paper in a Month or a Year?
    There is no limit for question paper generation, you can generate unlimited question paper from the software.
  • What facilities will I get through GYANAM Test Generator?
    User will get the following facilities on GYANAM Test Generator: Get, ready-to-use questions as per JEE-Main, JEE-Advance, NEET And all State Board Engineering Entrance Exam syllabus. Set question paper as per user requirement. Create versions of your question paper. Get Answer Key and Solution Set along with your Question Paper. Create multiple branches and maintain your sub user’s record by saving the question paper.
  • What is the validity period of user account?
    We have a year package for all users.
  • What type of support will I get from GYANAM Test Generator?
    GYANAM Test Generator team will give an online demo to users on "How to use GYANAM Test Generator?". Also, there is a Help option on each page to guide how to use GYANAM Test Generator features. Users will also be provided with a helpline number to solve user queries online.
  • Which exams does GYANAM Test Generator support?
    Currently, GYANAM Test Generator supports JEE-Main, JEE-Advance, NEET And all State Board Engineering Entrance Exam
  • What will happen if syllabus of exam get changed after I register on GYANAM Test Generator?
    User need not worry about the change in syllabus. GYANAM Test Generator experts team will take care of the changes in the syllabus and update the question bank accordingly as early as possible.
  • I have more than one branch. Do I need to have multiple membership's to use GYANAM Test Generator?
    After providing some small amount of extra cost per system users can use the software in more than one branches.
  • Is it possible to buy GYANAM Test Generator only for one subject?
    Yes, users can buy GYANAM Test Generator for one or more than one subject of their choice.
  • What if my GYANAM Test Generator expired before subscription plan ending?
    In this case GYANAM Test Generator team will provide you help.
  • Will I get solution/answer key along with question paper?
    Yes, after clicking on generate question paper software will generate 2 word files one for question paper and another for solution and explanation.
  • How fast can I generate question paper on GYANAM Test Generator?
    Question paper designing is very easy on GYANAM Test Generator. The user needs to select the exam, subject name, chapter name and number of questions.This process is very fast and the user can work as per their convenience.
  • What if I want to update my class information after registration on GYANAM Test Generator?
    Users can change and update their information any time after registration.
  • Is there any benefit if I invite others on GYANAM Test Generator?
    Yes for that contact the support team.
  • What are the charges for GYANAM Test Generator membership?
    Ask for the demo first, then our team will guide you about the charges.
  • How can I buy GYANAM Test Generator services?
    see the product first by using the free demo at your system, then our support team will guide you for the payment procedure.
  • Can I get refund for the payment?
    We do not offer refunds under any circumstances since we are offering FREE PAPERS and FREE DEMO first, we would urge to be fully satisfied before you make payment.
  • How can I store question paper for future reference?
    Users can save the word file of question paper, answer key and solution as per their convenient location.
  • How can I create question paper versions(codes), if required?"
    Yes, there an option is available to create versions(codes) of question papers. Their user can create any number of versions. There is no restriction on version creation.
  • Is there any limit for number of questions in a question paper?
    NO, there is no limit for selecting questions for each question paper.
  • Can I arrange option styles as I want?
    NO, option style is fixed in the software, it will be generated as its saved in the software like - a,b,c,d
  • How can I reactivate my GYANAM Test Generator membership after deactivation and are there any additional charges applicable?
    Yes, the user can reactivate the membership with GYANAM Test Generator, after communicating with the GYANAM Test Generator team.
  • What additional benefits does GYANAM Test Generator has?
    It’s a offline test paper generator software no internet required to operate it.
  • Will PCB or PCM merged Paper considered as 1 Paper?
    Yes you can merge paper as per your requirement in the software itself.
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