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Top 5 Work-At-Home Jobs for Teachers

Its the 5th industrial revolution came while we all are sleeping, now it is the time of technology and data, data is the current gold now. In the current scenario where students know more technology than most of the parents and teachers, its really difficult for us to sustain.

So here i am giving you some ideas which can help you in your current situation specially for the teachers who were teaching offline but now they have to shift online.

Thanks to technology, it is totally possible to combine your love of education with a full-time work-at-home lifestyle or side hustle. This is especially true if you’re willing to blend roles to build your new career by, for example, mixing educational consulting with some online teaching, etc.

If you’re thinking about making a big change; you're a former teacher or retired, or you're looking for a job outside the traditional classroom, one or more of these 5 work-at-home jobs for teachers might fit the best.

Online Teaching

For teachers who still love the job, but want to work at home, online teaching offers opportunities for every are some options for teachers for online teaching.

First one is the biggest online free education platform which is you tube, teachers can record and upload their lectures in the platform , you can also go live on you tube and can teach students live , after 1000 subscribers and 4000 hour watch time you can monetized your channel and by putting ads on your videos you can earn money.

If a teacher have his or her students and don't want to upload videos on you tube then you can use Zoom, Skype or Webex like video conferencing apps to conduct their lectures,

Information on virtual teaching salaries versus in-classroom teaching salaries is hard to come by.

Creating a bond with all the students threw the online teaching is very hard, most of the teachers will not feel the same as the offline classroom, to over come this thing make your lectures full of best content and with some small 1-2 min entertainment stories connected with the subject, this will help you to keep the student teacher bonding.

Also create Telegram & Watsapp groups for doubt discussion and circulating practice papers.

Collecting fees from youtube teaching is not possible, with video conferencing apps like zoom, skype and webex or a app of your own institute can help you to collect fees from students. But you can not charge students like before for online studies.

if you want to work under some other coaching institutes then search for the jobs near you on the platforms like indeed or, you can also contact with some faculty providers, if any online teaching job is available they will inform you.

I am a teacher and from last 6 years i am teaching mathematics, i have started my you tube channel a year before and currently my channel is monetized, i have also build some social media community to increase views.


facebook page:

facebook group:

instagram account:

like this start your community, it will take some time but after some time you will have your own online audience.

Content checker/creator/editor job

Some of the big institutes in India offer a job for content (study material) creator or content checker job, where you have to develop new questions for the institute or check the content which is already created, salary amount of these kind of jobs is low, depends upon the subject and type of the study material

you can check on indeed or if there is any availability near you

Teaching Materials Provider

If you already have your teaching materials, honed by years of trial and error in the classroom, why not share that wealth of knowledge and make your hard work pay off again and again, at the same time? Teachers Pay Teachers allows you to share your lesson plans, activities, classroom decor and more, and earn money from it.

Connect with some top book publications and talk to them about your years of hard work on the content you have created, if the like your content they will buy it on a fair price,also you can sell your content to needy students or fresher teacher on Instagram and Facebook. Create your account, pages and groups to do publicity of your content.

You probably won’t make a fortune from the site, but you could make a couple extra hundred a month, which comes in handy when launching a post-classroom career -- some sellers seem to do quite well.


As mentioned earlier, solid writing skills are valued. If you’re ready for something entirely new, you might put your abilities to use as a blogger or writer, focusing on educational topics—or any topic near and dear to your heart about which you have a lot of knowledge. To get started in this field, prepare to start pitching before you flip the switch and leave the classroom for good. Full-time writing careers are built on connections, and you’ll need to build up your network before you commit.

Currently i am doing the same, writing a blog expressing myself, like this you can share your knowledge and experience on a website of your own or you can also write for some big brands, obviously to reach a big brand in starting is hard.

when you get sufficient amount of visitors on your website you can connect your website with google Adsense you can earn decent amount of money.

Creating a website or blog of your own is very easy without investing money you can start blogging this video will help you if you are a beginner.

Educational Consultant

It’s a dirty little secret of professional life that consultants often earn more than employees for offering similar expertise. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, you can build a business coaching teachers and administrators.

Note that this job isn’t entirely home-based, as you’ll likely need to consult with clients directly. However, being your own boss comes with a great deal of flexibility (as well as responsibility). If this sounds like something that interests you, some Private colleges will provide very good commission on every admission you gave them.

If you have any other idea please list it in the comment box to help each other.

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