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New Way of Working-Teachers

First let me give you a suggestions from my side-

" Save your money don't invest in hurry for a online platform"

In the current situations in which students have more knowledge of technology then most of the teachers and parents, its really hard to take decisions. For some teachers teaching online is not so easy as most of us have worked in offline mode in our whole career.

But now we have to work online also until the things will get normal, as the lock down opens Schools,Coaching Classes,malls, cinema hall and gyms will be the last to open. So it may take around 6 months (may b less, may b more ).Now its time to shift online, below are some suggestions which will help you to start teaching online.


Its one of the biggest free platform, we just required a gmail account to create a you tube channel.Here we have two ways to upload the lectures live or recorded.

>Live streaming Lectures

you can go live on you tube using your mobile or a laptop, if your webcam does not have good quality u can use a external webcam .In live streaming you can connect with the students in comment box, if you have a running classes with existing students then go for live lectures, it will engage you students, like offline lectures they will watch your lectures on a fix time, also this thing will grow your you tube channel.

live streaming lecture example :

> Recorded Lectures

Recorded lectures are easy to upload, record the lectures with mobile or camera with a good voice quality then upload them on your you tube channel.

you can also use a digital pen wacom and can screen record your lectures, its really easy and you can produce more lectures daily, for this you required a digital pen a mic or earphone can work and screen recorded software in your laptop.

Mic : or in starting earphone can work.

Screen recorder : free cam 8 (without your face) or camtasia (with your face ).

for the writing you can use one Note a Microsoft product available in every windows computer.

using ppt screen recoded :

with face screen recorded lecture :

without face screen recorded lecture :

As i said in starting its difficult but as the time goes you will be comfortable in the new ways also, after starting this you you have to build your online community like Facebook page Facebook group , Instagram account and Telegram Channel. It is really important to build the online community because as time passes these accounts get bigger.

Exactly one year before i have started my you tube channel and online community here the links to check their organic growth -

In starting it will take some time but they will grow, you have to share your video links everyday in the Facebook groups also to get new viewers, trust me after a year or in less your community will be big. After getting sufficient subscribers you can shift them to your website to sell courses or test series to get money.

2. Build Your Institute app or web portal

You can build your institute app or web portal but its a investment and you do not know when you can recover that amount because parents will not pay you that much amount of fees which they used to give in offline mode. If you had 100 students in offline class then its hard to get 50 students on your online portal due to competition and no parents wants there son or daughter on a mobile phone.

I will suggest you do not invest in hurry, wait for next few months (2-3) then finalize the things, if you have money to spend then go for it it will be a positive thing for the future.

I personally think after some time when things get normal the local business of teaching will get a boom, no parents will send their child to Kota or any other city for studies and also they do not want their child to have mobile phone with them for all day, so when the things get normal local teachers will get the maximum benefit from it.

3. Zoom, Webex or skype video conferencing classes

You can engage your current students with the video conferencing portals like zoom, most of the institutes are doing this. keep this working till the lock down ends, create telegram and watsapp groups for doubts discussion and to send practice papers.

Also conduct online tests is a free moke test portal to take test online, to create test in offline mode you can visit best offline test paper generator software for Jee main + Advance and Neet ( In lockdown it have 50% discount also )

4. Working under National Brand, Schools and Private institutes

If you are working in a national brand, school or in a private institution then your job is not secure, as we all know if the education system goes online then one teacher's lecture can be used to teach all the students. So institutes will use there best teachers video, as i know most of the institutes have already reduced their teachers salary to 50%.

So may be for 2-3 months they will pay you full salary but after that they will reduce your salary to survival only or may be they will fire you, lets hope for positive.

Also many institutes need teachers to tech online also, apply there hopefully you will get a job in this hard time, in the next article i will write about all the job searching portals in India.

Its the end of the article if you have any suggestion please write in the comment box to help each other.

For IIT -JEE Maths video lectures visit :

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