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Improve Your Online Study

Improvement Number 1

Watch only one teacher for the subject, don't go for multiple teachers this thing will confuse you a lot, select a teacher take your time for selection after that follow lectures for that teachers only, watching multiple teachers at a time will not help to improve your subject it may confuse you many times

Do not try to watch multiple teachers in search of perfection, don't go for multiple teachers at a time to compare teachers, and for the depth of the subject, follow a single teacher whose teaching methods are comfortable for you.and there is nothing like perfection every teacher is a good teacher if he or she has sufficient knowledge of the subject, after watching 2-3 lectures you will understand about the depth knowledge and method of teaching of the teacher.

Improvement Number 2

Do not watch teachers who waste your time, if any teacher is wasting your time by telling you some stories and by talking more about themselves, their achievements, hobbies, favorite things or some other kind of stuff in the lecture time then do go for that teacher, in the offline method it is common but when you are studying online we should stick to the content only because watching constantly to a mobile or laptop cost so much to your body that's why both teacher and students need we to stick to the content only.

Improvement Number 3

Make Proper notes of every lecture like you was doing in the offline teaching in your school and coaching institute by doing that you can revise the lecture in minutes with your notes you do not have to watch the lecture again to revise the lecture

So always keep a pen and notebook with you to note down the relevant points of the lecture to save your time with watching the lecture again.

Improvement Number 4

READ and SOLVE standard Books questions after watching lectures, watching Video lectures are to make you UNDERSTAND a topic but to improve yourself and your result you have to do a lot of practice with the books. You will get a good score when you can reproduce that knowledge in the exam. You can memorize and reproduce written material only when you read and practice by yourself.

Improvement Number 5

Make a timetable of watching lectures on youtube \ other platforms, do not start watching videos randomly as this will lead you to waste your time, do not start watching random videos suggested by the youtube stick to the time table do not spend a minute extra with your gadget.

Improvement Number 6

watch offline as much as you can because when your internet is on you will get many distractions msgs and other things pooping, again and again, I will suggest to keep the phone on airplane mode in the study time.

Download the video you want to watch and switch off the internet to keep the distraction away, If possible study on a desktop or a laptop and keep your mobile away from you

DO NOT open multiple tabs on the computer because this can also distract you.

Improvement Number 7

Watch videos in landscape mode only to reduce the distraction of comments and suggested videos.

Do not include yourself in Coaching Institute or teachers fight or any kind of fight on the online platform, this thing only waste your time so keep yourself away with these kinds of things.

Improvement Number 8

Take care of Your EYES and POSTURE always keep some safe distance with the laptop and mobile phones with the use of earphones, in night study in knight mode in mobile phones

Take a break from the screen after 20 minutes, 5 minutes break will be good after every 20 minutes of continuous watching at the screen, for some time Look at a point at least 20 ft away to make your eyes comfortable again

Use Blue cut glasses it will be somehow expensive if you can afford those glasses you can go for it.

you can buy a simple mobile stand also to make your posture good.

Improvement Number 9

Always use a headphone when you are watching a lecture to keep yourself away from the noise destruction.

DO NOT READ COMMENTS, don't waste your time reading comments and Avoid arguments and fights in the comment section, because your time is precious and nothing can bring back your wasted time on wasted things like this.

Answering a question or asking a question is a different thing in the comment box.

Its the end of the article if you have any suggestion please write in the comment box to help each other.

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