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Teaching Job Search

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

Hello Everyone here we are again to discuss the teacher's job opening in India, here we will talk on some basic things how you can search for jobs in your area, Also how you can prepare for job interview because today only the best candidate will get the job so you have to ready for everything.

Step 1: Organize your portfolio

Your portfolio reflects your professionalism as a teacher, and your attention to detail, so make sure it’s perfect.

Without much teaching experience to discuss at interviews, you’ll need to dazzle interviewers with your attitude and your portfolio. Gather, certifications, Praxis results, recommendations, student work from your student teaching, students results, unique lesson plans, and anything else that will help establish your qualifications.

Step 2: Don’t wait for the phone to ring

Make a list of things you want to accomplish each day, whether it involves networking, adding to your portfolio, or submitting applications.

Spread the word about your job search to your Facebook and friends, and look for job feeds on Twitter.

Also go right to the source by visiting the websites of the school districts where you'd like to teach. Often, you'll find links on the websites where the schools list employment opportunities in their districts.

Step 3: Take a critical look at your skills

“The whole point is to make yourself more marketable”

There might not be a lot of demand for your current area of certification, which is why a second area can be critical. Math and science are the well-publicized shortage areas, but not the only ones.

"There’s a lot of demand for math, but … everyone is looking for special so if you can teach any other subject or any other skills u have then it will help you to create your monopoly at the place.

Step 4: Look for regions that are hiring (where to Find Teaching Job Openings)

Certain parts of the country are aggressively recruiting qualified teachers. You just have to search the right place -

Here are the Best Online Job Portals in India

always keep your updated resume on the job providing platforms. Founded in 1997, is synonymous with online job portals in India. has a database of 49.5 million job seekers, and it is only growing, every day. is one of the most trusted portals in the country.

Placement India India’s top placement consultant, Placement India is an ideal choice for any job seeker. The portal host's job listings from a variety of fields such as IT, Education, Hospitality, Telecom, and Real Estate.

Monster India An international job portal, set its shop in India in 2001, and quickly grew to popularity. Monster India offers an app on both iOS and Android to make searching for jobs even easier. is a subsidiary of Times Business Solutions. It is well regarded for its user-friendly design and convenience. A unique feature of this portal is the ability for candidates to post many resumes, specific to the industries they are applying to. is the world’s #1 job portal, and it has made its impact in India as well. With its minimalist design, and ease of navigation, is a calm oasis in the chaos of most job portals. Founded in 2008, is the second-largest job portal in India. Not only does have a mobile app, but it also integrates the social media networks of the candidates to help employers find their ideal employee. FreshersWorld is a unique job portal in that it offers job listings to people who have freshly graduated from college, and have little to no work experience. It has an impressive client list consisting of companies such as Facebook, Amazon, Motorola, and Toshiba. began as an online classifieds, but quickly morphed into a popular platform for job listings. This portal offers listings in fields ranging from government jobs to call centers, IT to Marketing. It also has separate categories for freshers, part-time jobs, and internships.

LinkedIn No job portal list would be complete without LinkedIn. LinkedIn helps job seekers find relevant jobs and get in touch with others in their industry.

Glassdoor It’s a great site for new joiners to get a real inside on how the company functions and if they are any shortcoming that they need to look out for. Glassdoor also has several job postings on it. It allows you to update your resume and choose your job preference to find a job.

Facebook & WhatsApp groups of consultancy firms

here are some Facebook group links to get an idea

You just have to search faculty service or faculty jobs or faculty requirement in the Facebook search bar and after some research, you will find the proper groups which can help you, generally these consultancy services charges you 15 days salary only. In my opinion, it's good to have a mediator like these consultancy people in your job, because whenever you will find an issue like salary delay, salary nor providing or without notice fire these people will help you in your hard time.

You will also find the links to join the WhatsApp and telegram groups of the consultancy services in the Facebook groups, join the groups for the latest updates and stay connected with them call them every week to get updated on jobs.

Step 5: Prepare aggressively for your interview

Crawford, who has prepared countless clients for interviews, says the key to successful interviewing is to relax. When you’re overly nervous in an interview, a principal or hiring committee may wonder how you’ll handle yourself in front of a noisy classroom filled with children just itching to test you.

Its the end of the article if you have any suggestion please write in the comment box to help each other.

For IIT -JEE Maths video lectures visit:

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